User Generated Content : le nouvel indispensable

Author: Brand Voice


: The User Generated Content, literally the content your users publish on social networks, is a real key to success for current Content Marketing strategies. Discover 4 reasons to integrate it into your e-marketing strategy, and practical keys to this.

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A new anglicism to add to the webmarketer’s palette, the User Generated Content refers to any type of content published by users on social networks about a brand or a company. Photos, videos, blog articles … The formats vary, and many companies today are interested in this specific content. So, the User Generated Content: new buzzword, or real lever of success for Content Marketing strategies? Here are  4 reasons to integrate it into your e-marketing strategy .

1.  The User Generated Content allows you to get to know your audience better

When users post content on social networks, they give you keys to understand their behavior on the internet. By monitoring the content they share among your publications, or those they publish about you, you determine  which formats or themes are of most interest .

Your YouTube videos are very popular? You must therefore develop a video marketing strategy worthy of the name. The hashtag that you launched on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is much reused? Here is some blessed bread to continue spreading this keyword to make your brand known. And by analyzing which topics animate the most the Internet users in your contents, you can  prioritize your creation of contents , to increase the impact of your publications.

In addition to nurturing your new ideas marketing strategy, the UGC also allows you to  spot, among those who publish about your brand, the influencers and the unconditional fans  of your company. Thanks to a system that collects data from social networks, you keep an eye on the users that will allow you to increase your visibility.

2.  The User Generated Content feeds your website and social networks with original content

A website powered daily by fresh and authentic content, you dream? Social Media posts about your brand are a breeding ground for content that you must reuse. By integrating it into a Social Wall , that is to say a page where this content from social networks is aggregated, the User Generated Content  significantly reduces the budget allocated to the creation of content for your website , while enhancing your fans and customers. By choosing an automated Social Media content aggregation tool, you focus on more strategic thinking, upstream of content creation, to address your targets with greater relevance.

Moreover, when we know that Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising study  in 2015 shows that 66% of customers trust user opinions left on the internet, we jump at the chance to  transform the User Generated Content into proof of trust . Inserted alongside your customer testimonials, or on the product pages of your e-commerce site, this content allows you to give an overview to visitors of your product or service. This is the successful challenge of  the company GlassesUSA, which has created a « Social Shop » on its site , where visitors can see the models of glasses worn by customers; on each of the Instagram photos, there is a link to the product page: an ingenious way to showcase your product.

3.  User Generated Content increases target engagement and conversion rates

According to the P. Farris Marketing Metrics study and his colleagues, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70%, while that of selling to a prospect is 5 to 20%. Any good marketing strategy has today a delightful part of customers. And what’s more delightful than seeing his purchase recognized by the brand? Disseminating the User Generated Content on its website is  to highlight its existing customers, and increase their commitment .

But the UGC also makes it possible to increase the conversion rates of an e-commerce site . By integrating user-generated content (a photo, a comment, or why not a video tutorial) to the product pages, companies are attracting the interest of the prospect, who is more inclined to buy the proposed solution. Holiday Club Resorts, which specializes in holiday accommodation, has done so, which has seen  its conversion rates increase by 20 to 30%  depending on the product page.

4.  The User Generated Content strengthens your SEO strategy

When published on  a Social Wall , this SEO-friendly content participates in your SEO. YouTube videos are particularly appreciated by Google, who will  put your site in the results of search engines . We also note that the UGC significantly increases the time spent on web pages: still an element that allows search engines to determine the authority of your site, and rank it among the most important in their results. Finally, using this content can allow you to reach your influencers, who themselves have a well referenced website, which again  increases your authority on search enginesA strategy developed by the company TaylorMade Golf , on a platform of content now ranked among the best results in its sector of activity.


Flockler is  a social media content aggregation tool  that allows brands to serve User Generated Content on their sites and applications. By spreading the content of your community to your customers, you can increase their engagement as well as the time spent on your website and your conversion rates.